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Sunday, October 22, 2017

At least two explosions in Malmö on Sunday evening

On Sunday evening, two explosions occurred in Malmö, one in a stairwell at Värnhem and dendra outdoors in Fosie. A person should also have heard from the police about a powerful bang from the Oxie sports venue.

At ten in ten o'clock on Sunday night, police and rescue services were alerted to Zenithgatan at Värnhem in Malmö as described as an explosion inside. "A caller says glass windows in the entrance to the house have been broken," says Gustaf Sandell, internal officer at the Rescue Service South, at ten o'clock in the evening. "We are in place right now and there seems to have been no fire. There is something that broke in the stairwell, unclear what.

The staircase should be smoked during the explosion. There must be a lot of people on the spot, but neither the rescue service nor the police have received any information that someone would have been injured.

"We are not sure what it is like detonated, but stomach feeling says there is some kind of banger. The caller says that fireworks have been heard in the area in recent days.

The perception that it is likely that a banger is shared by the police.

"We have received information suggesting that it could be about it," says Rickard Lundqvist, press officer at the police's management center.
- Then, the term "banger" is a bit faint. It sounds like it would be a fighter, but some types of bangers might be as powerful as a dynamite.

At twenty past eleven, the next explosion alarm came. This time the explosion has taken place outdoors on Koralgatan in Fosie.

"We are in place and so far we have not found any traces after the explosion. There are callers in the house who listened after hearing the noise, says Gustaf Sandell.

In addition, a person should have heard from the police that he heard an explosion in Oxie.

"It's a caller who has heard and heard a loud bang from the sports stadium at 22.24," said Fredrik Bratt, press officer at the police's management center.