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Monday, October 23, 2017

Leftist "Art" of Belgium

Every four years, the university of Ghent elects a new rector (a new boss). After 9(!) election rounds, a little cheating with posts, Rik Van de Walle has been elected, with only 52% of the votes. At that time, there was no one to compete with, because the other candidate already gave up. So litterally 48% of the students voted AGAINST him. Rik wants to implement (((superdiversity))) in to the university. The little video was at his inauguration. He invited some extreme lefties 'artists'. This was one of them. They basically shouted shit about white privilege and that the university is too white and the profs are too old. Note, those bands receive up to €10 000 a month through grants of our government.

This is the current state of one of the best universities of the world.