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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Socialists at Iowa State University Encourage 'Shooting' of Donald Trump and Threaten 'Capitalists'

A democratic socialist group at Iowa State University caught the attention of the Secret Service when it threatened the lives of President Donald Trump and capitalists, according to Fox News.
“COMRADES: stay away from needle drugs! The only dope worth shooting is in the oval office [right now],” the Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at Iowa State University tweeted in September, Fox News reports. The Secret Service told Fox News it is “aware” of the comment.
Despite complaints after the YDSA tweet encouraging “the hanging and extermination of all 'capitalists,'” Iowa State defended the group in a tweet alleging its right to “free speech.” It's hard to imagine Iowa State defending white supremacist groups threatening minority groups with “extermination” and “hanging,” and rightfully so.
Iowa State did include a link in its tweet for those students who feel “threatened or harassed.”

“I've been repeatedly harassed for my position and my views online and in person from time to time,” Benjamin Whittington, head of the conservative Turning Point USA chapter on campus, told Turning Point News. Whittington also noted that YDSA “has called for capitalists to be hanged in the past.”
The threats come as no surprise that YDSA “would use such violent language," according to Taylor Collins, vice chairman of the ISU College Republicans, as Turning Point News reported. "If you idolize murderous figures such as [Karl] Marx, [Vladimir] Lenin, and [Joseph] Stalin, people shouldn't be surprised when those same people condone violence.”
Collins also indicted the school, along with the rest of academia, for the cultivation of an ideology with such disdain toward capitalists: “These indoctrinated students are just using the tools of the figures they have been taught to worship throughout their education here at Iowa State. ... This is just another example of the dangers of progressive education is having on our youth and it's very troubling my own university will not [condemn] it.”