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Saturday, December 23, 2017

New Austrian-Hungarian anti-immigration alliance ‘scares’ German politicians

Some German politicians are concerned about the new Austrian government of Sebastian Kurz to become too closely allied with Viktor Orban’s Hungary.
“Austria-Hungary is back, with Chancellor Kurz, fraternity member Strache and firestarter Orban it’s going in three-four time to the right. Good bye, happy Austria!”
SPD’s deputy group leader Achim Post told Die Welt. Post thus refers to the similarity of some positions of the government in Vienna with those of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This concerns especially the asylum policy, the newspaper notes.
Head of the Greens party, Cem Özdemir told Die Welt that it remains to be seen whether Kurz’s gesture towards Brussels – where is first official visit leads on Tuesday – will be followed by actions.
According to the politician, the big challenges, such as climate change, counterterrorism, and humanitarian migration policy can’t be solved in the “snail shells of nation states”. The newspaper says, he was referring to Orban’s migration policy. Referring to its sources, Die Welt writes that the ruling Bavarian CSU party has invited Viktor Orban to a closed party meeting in January.