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Sunday, January 21, 2018

One in eight Swedish women will be raped in their lifetimes

Shocking new statistics have been released by the Swedish bureau for crime statistics (BRÅ). It shows a detrimental increase in rapes in the last few years in Sweden.
The figures show that in 2017 there were 7,230 rapes in Sweden. A 10 percent increase from 2016 which saw 6,720 rapes. Not taking into account any further increases in rapes in the future, this would mean that 12.2% (or 1 in 8) of women in Sweden will be raped during their lifetimes.

 These are stunning numbers and ought to be sufficient to influence anybody to address what on earth is going ahead in Sweden. This is basically not reasonable.

On the off chance that you need to crunch the numbers for yourself: There are 5 million ladies living in Sweden. Considering a normal life expectancy of 85 years, with 7 230 assaults for each year, this will imply that there will be 614,550 ladies assaulted amid a lady's lifetime, implying that 1 of every 8 of all ladies in Sweden will, tragically, be assaulted.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you look much further back, the insights can deteriorate. From 2007 – 2017 there was a 34% expansion in assaults. That implies if this pattern proceeds, in 20 years there will be 12,982 assaults each year occurring in Sweden.

That means 22% (or a bit over 1 in 5) women will be raped during their lifetime if that trend continues. These are truly horrible and shocking statistics.

Sweden prides itself on being a “feminist” country championing “equality”. But the sad reality is that Sweden perhaps has one of the worst rape rates in the world.